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A Federal Judge in San Francisco granted final approval of a class action settlement in a lawsuit against Uber Technologies, Inc. (“Uber”).

The lawsuit alleged that Uber charged a 20% fee above the metered fare for each ride that it misrepresented as a “gratuity” that is automatically added “for the driver,” but instead retained a substantial portion of this “gratuity” for itself.  After defeating a motion to dismiss and certifying the case as a class action, the parties reached a settlement that provided full refunds of the amounts allegedly retained by Uber.

In approving the settlement, the Federal Judge who presided over the case found “that the Settlement is fair, adequate and reasonable,” noting that it “provides substantial relief to Class Members in that it refunds essentially the full amount of the gratuity charge Plaintiff claimed was retained by Uber.”

The class was represented by Myron M. Cherry and Jacie C. Zolna of Myron M. Cherry & Associates, LLC.

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