Chicago Commercial Litigation Lawyers

Myron M. Cherry & Associates, LLC is a trial law firm specializing in complex civil litigation. The firm’s practice includes all areas of commercial litigation, including, but not limited to, fraud, antitrust, securities, contract, environmental, labor/employment, corporate governance, civil rights, intellectual property and class actions.

Founded in 1973, Myron M. Cherry & Associates, LLC is one of the few established firms in the United States that regularly undertakes major commercial litigation on a wholly or partly contingent-fee basis. The firm’s innovative fee approach expands the availability of quality legal services to clients with good claims but limited resources to pursue them. The firm also represents larger clients and corporations – on either an hourly basis or on a contingent or other results-driven basis to enable clients with funds to pay for legal services to reduce out-of-pocket legal fees and concentrate on results. A substantial number of the cases the firm handles emanate from referrals from other law firms.

The firm, while based in Illinois, handles matters throughout the country and has lawyers licensed to practice in California, the District of Columbia, Minnesota and Wisconsin. The firm is well versed in coordinating and handling extremely large and complicated cases, is completely thorough in its analyses and preparation, is uniquely creative in both its legal and practical approaches, and is aggressive in its pursuit of its clients’ interests and favorable results.



At Myron M. Cherry & Associates we are proud to say that we receive countless referrals from other leading law firms all around the country. We believe that this is the mark of any successful trial practice and is telling in and of itself. Over the course of the last 40 years we have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients ranging from class action lawsuits to legal malpractice settlements and more. Due to the level of our success and our stellar reputation, we are often asked to become business partners with the same leading law firms that refer us their clients, which we believe is the ultimate compliment. The relationships we have garnered over the years have created a vast network of partners all over the country. This network enables us to leverage our partners’ regional and subject matter expertise while providing them with access to our considerable resources and knowledge. This results in our ability to handle any case with unmatched resources, skill and success.



The firm’s managing partner, Myron M. Cherry, has over 40 years of experience as a trial lawyer, is a graduate of Harvard Law School’s Course on Mediation and is available to mediate disputes on a contingency-fee basis. This process emphasizes the firm’s experience in bringing resolution to tough cases in a mediated environment.